Progress Reports? Mapping?

Construction and Surveying Drone Services

Do you want to monitor site progress virtually?

Would you like survey-grade orthomosaic maps in as little as an hour?

Do you want to impress your clients?

Do you want to hold contractors accountable and eliminate confusion?


sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) are changing the world, and will change the way you perform surveys, conduct inspections, and document every job site, aiding communication and eliminating confusion. Weekly orthomosaic maps and drone photography will replace time-consuming site visits and enable project supervisors, the home office and clients to be on the same page and have visual data aiding their decision making processes.

With weekly rates as low as $75, our construction drone services are a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveys. And receiving frequent, consistent updates will change the way you monitor site progress and communicate with clients and contractors.


sUAS-produced maps can be flown and processed in as little as an hour. When combined with Ground Control Points, studies have shown the maps to be globally accurate within 3 cm. We use DroneDeploy, and upon request, Pix4D, Autodesk ReCap or Propeller.

DroneDeploy offers a "centralized platform for easy sharing and straightforward decision making."  You can learn more about the platform in this video.


Progress Reports

Get pictures from the same angle every week, and compare them, or compile them into a time lapse to see site progress unfold before your eyes.  PDF reports with outlines and measurements can be easily created and sent to clients or contractors for review and feedback.

Want to do it yourself?


For a larger company, having an FAA-licensed Remote PIC on staff can be a cost effective solution. But although getting a drone into the air is relatively simple, navigating the process of setting up a drone program is not. If you want assistance decrypting FAA regulations, getting liability insurance, and choosing the right drone and software solution, reach out to us today!

“Our clients say that aerial photography and maps impress their clients more than anything.”

Drones will change everything we know today for good, and we want to help you get started in using them. Call us today at 931-286-1971, and we’ll tell you how we can help get you started.


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