Want To Use Your Own Drone?

What is keeping you from owning and flying for yourself?
We will help remove the roadblocks.

Drones are a cost-effective solution to increase safety and improve time efficiency in a number of industries. But how do you get started?  Between FAA regulations and an overwhelming number of available equipment and software solutions, it can be hard to gain momentum. Give us a call at 931-286-1971 and we will help you get started. 


"You can legally and safely use drones to increase safety, efficiency and reduce costs in your business."

  • Which liability insurance option is best for you?

  • When should you carry collision insurance?

  • How do you become a licensed drone pilot?

  • Where can you legally fly?

  • How do you obtain waivers?

  • Which drone is best for my needs?

  • How do you maintain it?

  • What about drone project management software?

  • What mapping software should I use?

  • How do I obtain actionable, usable data?

What Is Your Industry?
Drones are a thoroughly proven tool for earthworks management and project planning. Whether you want to integrate them into your BIM workflow or marketing, drones will provide incredible benefits to your company.
Aggregate Supply Company

Drones can simplify the measurement of stockpiles and open mine pits, and enable easy comparison between measurements taken on different dates.

Utility Co-op

Drones simplify the routine inspection of transmission lines and switchyards, pull power lines, and help you quickly assess storm damage. Reduce the risk associated with electrical work while creating cleaner, more efficient workflows, and better-documented inspections.

Roofing Contractor

Drones can automate the roof measurement process and help you to get up close to damage without ever stepping foot on a roof. Mitigate risk and speed up the inspection process dramatically.


Emergency Services

 What are the legal implications of using a drone? Does a government agency still need FAA licensure and waivers?  Drones are an incredible help in fighting fires and search and rescue, but doing things well takes planning.

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